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  1. Can I use any webcam?
    Any webcam that can be mounted as a V4L1 device, because V4L2 support doesn't exist so far.

    It's recommended that the webcam is compatible with the PWC driver in order to perform the tracking by luminosity.
    A recommended webcam: Philips SPC 900NC.

  2. What kind of object can I use as a pointer?
    Any object easy differenciable by colour and/or by luminosity from the rest of the image grabbed by the camera.
    For example:
    • A red or green laser pointer
    • A red, green, white... LED
    Some people has also used a piece of red fabric attached to a stick. This practise may noy result very stable: from the point of view of the camera, that piece of fabric will change its colour depending on what it's being projected on it in every moment. This is why it is recommended to use an object that can be tracked by its color and also by its luminosity.

  3. Can I use the computer's monitor as the projection surface?
    Yes, you only have to focus the webcam towards the screen, but tracking accuracy may be low.

  4. Will the application be available for other operating systems?
    Not for now, but anyone is welcome to port it to other platforms!